Paula Poundstone

A photo I took of comic Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone

Son of a bitch.  I wish someone had told me Paula Poundstone was in Minneapolis last night.  I might have gone to see her show, not so much because I am a fan, but because I am thinking of unfollowing her on Twitter

Even though the poor girl has 1000 times more Twitter followers than I do, I don’t want her to take it personally if I drop her. 

Unfortunately, most of Paula’s Tweets leave me flat.  In comes a Poundstone tweet and I  think…Really, is that all there is to being an “oustanding comedian”?

What do I know?

Tweets are the least of my concerns.  I am having a miserable time writing posts. 

U No Hu had a great tweet yesterday, though.  It reminded me that it is important to “stick to it” when it comes to projects and finish things. 

Paula, to her credit, is great with the stick to it thing.  Hell or high water, she’s tweeting.  I have a sense that she’s a woman who finishes things.  Chop, chop.

For my part…well, I have to work on it.  Among the things I intend to stick to is this blog and the Great American Novel that I am (really) writing when my sales career isn’t wasting my time and straining my fragile sense of self.

And what is a “fragile sense of self”? 

Wait, wait…don’t tell me.  I will sort it out tomorrow.


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