E.B. White Determined to both change the world...

E.B. White Determined to both change the world and have a good time (Photo credit: robinrkc)

Welcome to A Little Tour in Yellow!  The place for all those things I dare not post on Facebook…

Originally A Little Tour in Yellow was meant to be a daily journal as I wander about and reflect on my days in sales.  But very quickly, A Little Tour in Yellow became a cross between a journal and political rants.

Most posts are little more than rough drafts with hyperlinks intended to shore up arguments or missing references.  I can’t say that will change much, however, I do plan to reorganize things…and that is being worked out now.

Pay attention to the menu bar.  That’s where I will sort out everything.  My thinking now is to link in the menu key categories.

Blog gives you the rolling blog.  Then I will add menu links for the key categories.  You get more raw content than polished work here so perhaps one category labeled “Featured” for more serious (i.e., edited) work is a good idea.  Although that isn’t quite right, is it?  I don’t want to insult you by having one category for edited work and imply that the rest is hack work.  (Give me time.  We’re working it out.)

I also want to focus less on politics and more on just whatever…wandering, stories, photography…just whatever.  I’ll start with the “Wander with Me” category in the menu now and begin adding to that.  Maybe we’ll start writing about experiences in the work of sales again.  Who knows?

Ultimately we want to end up with a Welcome page that doesn’t read like an apology and a how-to guide and a site that gets noticed for the right reasons.

More soon…