Israeli Soldier Missing in Gaza. Meanwhile…

This morning’s news raised the alarm with the grim headline that an Israeli solider had been reported missing in Gaza.  Horrible.

Meanwhile, also in Gaza, more than 500 Palestinians — at last count — mostly civilians had been killed by the Israeli military.  Where is that headline?

Yes, Minnesota, it is a Democrat State Government

DFL-logo-RGBMinnesota Republicans are running an ad telling us that Democrats control the state’s government.  And that, they say, is bad based on misleading outrage over the construction of a new state senate office building.  That $77 million investment, they argue, is responsible for higher property taxes and imply it takes priority over road repairs.  Neither of these claims is correct, but to the people to whom they are speaking, that doesn’t matter.

I suggest that Democrats take this strategy and win with it.  Democrats indeed do control the legislature and we have a Democratic governor.  The results?  The results are great!

Democrats have turned around the state’s dismal fiscal situation, something Republicans could not and would not do.  The state’s economy is on the mend, too.  This isn’t a matter for debate.  It is a fact.  Plus the state has done a lot of good for people.  Gay couples have the right to marry in Minnesota and tens of thousands of Minnesotans have medical insurance thanks to our state’s willingness to participate in health care reform.  Nonetheless, Republicans…well, they simply don’t have anything to offer other than unsubstantiated complaints.

Minnesota State Capitol BuildingSo, yes, Minnesota, your government is controlled by Democrats and whether you like it or not, the state is better off because of it.  Democrats should embrace this fact and hammer it home now through November.

Why Scott Honour is Not Qualified to Be Minnesota Governor in One Quote

Scott Honour

Scott Honour

Scott Honour told us all we need to know about his naive vision of managing Minnesota’s government in one inexplicable statement.  In a statement quoted in the Star Tribune, the rookie does indeed make his case.

When acknowledging that a 10% across the board cut to state government — itself a ridiculous and tired idea — would result in layoffs, he tells us that “Laying off that government employee will give us the opportunity to get more investment into the private sector, which is going to create more jobs.”

Really?  How?  Explain.

If you’re like me, you find yourself looking for an open window when you hear Republicans talk.  These people are so dead to the reality of their failed positions it is has become almost impossible to comment on them anymore.   Show me how this is going to work or shut up.  Seriously.

Because we can show you how it has not worked.

Cuts to local government did not increase job growth across the economy, it delayed job growth.  In fact the biggest drag on reducing the nation’s unemployment numbers has been layoffs in the public sector.  Furthermore, while Honour may not realize it or understand it, he is essentially making a supply-side argument (I think), claiming that cutting jobs will let us cut taxes (even though we have old bills to pay) and thereby give “job creators” the wherewithal to create jobs.

Ask Scott Honour — a guy I presume would count himself among the “makers” versus the “takers” — if he would open a widget factory if there were no people with the means to buy widgets.

So we learn two things from Honour’s statement.  First, he is no different from the Republicans who have preceded him — including his friend Tim Pawlenty — who have failed to steer the course toward a strong, robust economy.  Second, Scott Honour does not understand economics and our current economic realities.  And can I add a third?  He has no public sector experience and his lack of experience shows.

Why, pray tell, would anyone support a candidate like this?  Would a Fortune 500 company make the mail room boy president and CEO?

The best thing Scott Honour can do is spend more of his money campaigning against his fellow Republicans.  That at least puts money — his and theirs — in the economy.   Go, Scott, Go!

McFadden’s “Groin Gate” is Silly. This Isn’t.

Mike McFadden

Help Me Keep This Guy Out of Public Office.

People who want to care seem to be having fun with Mike McFadden’s silly “Groin Gate” campaign ad.  Perhaps the most serious criticism comes from people who think McFadden should be positioning himself as a serious politician with serious policy positions.  Those people, apparently, forget that McFadden is a Republican.

The rest of us realize that Groin Gate humor is the sort of stuff that began to discern the intellectual haves from the have-nots starting back in the middle school years.  We really could care less.  Let the fool play the fool when, after all, politics today isn’t much more than the sort of social jostling that once reigned over adolescents in school playgrounds and hallways.

There’s another McFadden ad to which people should be paying more attention, one that points to some serious McFadden issue concerns.  It seems that McFadden removed his son’s stitches rather than pay a doctor his $100 fee to remove them.

What’s this all about??

Presumably we are suppose to admire McFadden for is careful money management priorities, but as his son, Conor McFadden says, Mike McFadden is cheap.

Let me just ask, how are we supposed to entrust someone — a self-described business success with the means to cover simple health care procedures for his children — with prudent management of our government when he will not choose the best option for the well-being of his own son?

In the ad McFadden claims he isn’t cheap, it is about a “budget.”  Let’s stop right there.  That’s one key place where Republicans fail.  A budget is planning and preparing for things like your children’s medical needs.  Cutting corners is not smart budget management for a family and it isn’t smart for government either.  As a matter of fact, it is because we have largely followed conservative budget principles in recent decades that we are in the fiscal mess we suffer today.  We see what cutting does to society and the economy that supports it.

Furthermore, and more to the point about this ad, McFadden jokes that Conor survived.  True.  However, McFadden’s ad is about cutting Obamacare.  Prior to Obamacare arguably thousands of people did not survive because they lacked the medical care McFadden so eagerly flouts.

It disgusts me that people so self-absorbed with their own myopic view of the world can laugh into a camera and make a promise to cut a program that is improving the lives of millions of people across the country.  That should be the real scandal, because it is clear that guys like McFadden don’t have the balls for real issues — groin gate or otherwise — to do the right thing.


Still in My Peaceful Place

Has Bobby Jindal said anything stupid yet today?  I ask for purposes unknown because…Yeah, I really don’t care.

I’m not paying attention.  I am checking out.

I heard some whining today — not by Bobby, instead from others of his ilk — about the evils of paid leave for mothers and people who care for the sick, but let them cry in the wilderness.  They’re easy targets for sure; ducks in a barrel, or something, but I’m letting it go.  I don’t care.  I don’t care because I’m in my cake and ice cream world today.  And I’m staying there over night.  Not going to care one little bit…

Wake me when it is over.



Taking a Deep Breath…

Noerenberg Garden, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota I’m not letting no irresponsible buffoon like Bobby Jindal ruin my peace today.  No.  Not today.  Taking a deep breath.  He’s playing to what he sees he needs to do anyway.  No body, not even Bobby Jindal can be that stupid.  (But the people who fall for it…well, maybe.)

No, now wait!  My peace.  Breathe.  Take a deep breath.  Come with me as we wander a lakeside garden, a pretty garden with trees and flowers and towering beautiful white and grey clouds looming overhead…come, come and find peace.  all the ugly little buggers fade, fade away…

Trust me.  It works.

I took today’s deep breath at Noerenberg Gardens on Lake Minnetonka‘s Crystal Bay.

The story of Noerenberg Gardens is an interesting one, if I have my story straight.  Fred Noerenberg founded Grain Belt beer and built an estate on this site at the turn of the century.  The last surviving Noerenberg daughter maintained the estate as a garden and upon her death left the property to the park district.  Her gift required that the house be torn down — or did it burn down?  I like torn down better — and so it is most of the lakeside property without the home.  A boat house and a pump house remain.

Maybe not the place for typical park activities, but a nice place to visit.

Maybe not the place for typical park activities, but a nice place to visit.

It is a beautifully quiet stop on the lake.  Few people take advantage of it, although I did find a few used condoms in the parking lot.  Nice touch.  For the most part, however, this is a very wholesome stop in an otherwise…busy part of town.  It recalls the more dignified and idyllic past, whether real or not.

There was a rather calm and charming family at the gardens as I took pictures.  Three generations.  Grandpa and a man I believe was a grandson-in-law sat in the gazebo-like structure atop the old boat house while the granddaughter roamed the gardens with her mother and grandmother.

I never got a good picture of the young woman, but she was picture perfect in her sundress, slowly wandering the paths and admiring the flowers and plants.  I liked her.  She was elegant is a simple way.

Take the occasional time out to look and wander.  It does a lot of good.

Let’s take a look at Noerenberg Gardens.

Jindal Says What?! I Can’t Believe I’m Reading This.

English: Governor Bobby Jindal at the Republic...

Governor Bobby Jindal

In his keynote address last week at Ralph Reed‘s Faith and Freedom Coalition convention in Washington, D.C., Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal exclaimed that the “people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”

Really?  Seriously?

A few short years ago raising sane and thoughtful questions about President Barack Obama’s predecessor was “treasonous.”  Today we have Jindal declaring that Obama is the “most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime.”

I don’t know where to begin.  First off, I think we can agree that Jindal and conservativism generally is off the rails.  These people are nuts and borderline dangerous crazy.  Frankly, it is frightening, and I don’t say that lightly.  Whether it is stupidity or corruption or just plain bad people, it matters little.  The direction the right is pulling some parts of our society is plain wrong.  Show us something — ANYTHING! — that a conservative can point to as a productive policy accomplishment.  ANYTHING!  I am begging…please…Just one damn thing.  JUST ONE!


Maybe conservatives are plain simple stupid.  Jindal’s characterization of Obama as the “most radically, extremely liberal” blah, blah, blah indeed is stupid talk.  Obama is barely a step to the left of pre-Reagan Republicans.  In fact, other than respecting the role and responsibilities of government, Obama isn’t that much more crazy than Reagan himself!

What the hell is wrong with these people?

And to you, Bobby Jindal, do you know what?  Pish posh.  I am indeed sick of your party’s obsession with its radical, ideological bastardization of the Christian religion.  Pushing that crap into the public discourse is disgraceful, if not sinful.  You’re about as Christlike as Pontius Pilate, butchering your god for your political and personal gains.  Shame on you!

So go ahead, in the name of religion — so-called Christian religion at that! —  start calling for hostile revolution in your nation’s capital.  Defend your patriotic bona fides on that battle cry and see where it gets you.

In the meantime, I think it is time the Secret Service pays you a visit.

(As an aside here, it is interesting that Politico decided NOT to quote and discuss the “hostile takeover” line in their coverage of this speech.)


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