The Jane Addams Model and I Agree with David Brooks on This One

It happens and it has happened again. I find myself agreeing with…David Brooks!

The very short opinion piece linked here (yes, even charter school kids can get through it) is simple, smart, and reassuring. I like it.

Jane Addams, 1913

Jane Addams, 1913

I like, for example, how Brooks criticizes today’s philanthropy for its “doer’s arrogance and intellectual laziness”. That’s a pretty clean assessment and it is mischievously funny because I think Brooks is talking about pundit intellectuals like the Minnesota native everyone here in Minnesota loves to love, Thomas Friedman, whose simple solution to damn near EVERY problem in the world today is “learn to code.” If poking a hole in vapid quasi-intellectualism like that is Brooks’s intention — which I think is precisely what it is — then I agree with him that much more.

Only twenty-four hours ago, I thought about becoming active in the Skyway Avoidance Society, but now I see that perhaps starting up a Jane Addams Society (to counter all those annoying TED talks, among other things) is a better way to go. Could I owe this to David Brooks?

Take a look!


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