When it Comes to Making America Great Again…Priorities Say a Lot

In an effort to make America great again, Trump wants to cut 90% of the EPA funding that goes to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program that has succeeded in cleaning and protecting one of our most important ecological and economic assets. The cuts would total about $290 million.

Meanwhile, Trump, in just his first month in office, already spent over $30 million on personal Donald Trump Golfingtravel, mostly to Mar-a-Lago. If that pace keeps up, he will spend more on personal travel than we collectively spend to protect and restore the Great Lakes. These numbers, by the way, do not include the millions spent maintaining a second home (or is that the third?) in Manhattan.

Of course, this hypocrisy goes well beyond dollars and sense, this is Trump after all. Donald incessantly criticized President Barak Obama‘s travel — and his golf. However, Trump is on track to far surpass President Obama in both measures in just one year. Trump is on the golf course several times a week. No one is missing that hypocrisy, right? And what did the United States government pay for Barak Obama’s personal trips? $97 million…over all 8 years! (Trump $30 million in one month, Barak Obama $97 million over the course of 8 years…you see that, right?)

But I digress.

I’m guessing a lot of Trump voters would love to fly first class to Florida for golf on the weekends. But most can’t. And when setting priorities, wouldn’t you rather keep the Great Lakes clean than pay for Donald Trump’s weekend golf junkets to Florida anyway?

Then there are nickel-and-dime cuts for the Arts, Education, Energy, Justice, NASA, National Parks…all on the chopping block, too.

Take a look at what the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative does! It looks a hell of a lot better than a fat old man shanking his balls on a Florida golf course. It is better for you, too!


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