President-elect Trump, Take a Look at this Deal!

About a year ago the United States along with half a dozen allies completed a deal with Iran that restricted that country’s nuclear programs. Part of that deal eased sanctions on Iran’s ability to trade, including trade with the United States. Donald Trump calls this the “worse deal ever.” Then we see this. Boeing signs a $16.6 billion dollar deal with Iran.

Restrictions remain on Iran’s ability to export to the United States — I still don’t think you can buy Iranian pistachios or rugs, for example — and it looks like this sale will have to pass through Congress; however, a multi-billion dollar order for an American manufacturer looks pretty good, it’s maybe even a little better than a deal to pay off Carrier and save a couple hundred jobs there, don’t you think?

The Obama administration made this case in support for negotiating with Iran, but President Obama isn’t likely to get much credit for any jobs this might save or create…if it passes the Congressional tests, which, given the myopic priorities of today’s Republican Party, isn’t a sure thing, regardless of its value.


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