Briefly, Have I Been Hacked?

Ok, my computer has been hijacked by some subversive political group. Based on the evidence, I suspect the Minnesota GOP.

Yesterday I wrote a short essay critical of stupid comments made this week by a self-described “old political hack” here in Minnesota. I left the text of the essay in a Word file intending to cut-and-paste it here. However, I decided it would be a good idea to let this essay sit overnight so I could sharpen some points in the morning. (I should proof and edit my work anyway, right Sandy?)

Today…the essay was gone.

I rewrite the essay tonight, but I was still a little bitter about the obvious sabotage. Those ill feelings got into my head and the second effort wasn’t nearly as good. So I let it sit again, knowing I needed to clear my head before coming back and reworking this astute piece of political commentary one more time.

When I returned to my computer moments ago, however, what do you suppose happened? I discover that the computer had restarted itself! Glory be! This computer now has a mind of its own! Strange. And stranger still…guess what’s missing. Yes, that’s right…the most recent draft of my essay!

(It’s sabotage.)

So I’m a little irritated right now. Actually, I am a lot irritated right now. And I have to figure out why Autosave — something I have come to rely upon — seems to have quit working.

But first, someone tell me a story, tell me a happy story about unicorns, fluffy pillows, and soft sparkly lights.  Then check back later when I hope to finally have my post completed.


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