Republican Opposition to President Obama’s Efforts to Promote Climate Change Policy

Republicans led by Senator James Inhofe, Republican from Oklahoma and chairman of the senate’s environment committee, sent a letter signed by 35 other Republican senators to President Obama promising to block any funding for climate programs.

This is simply pig-headed ignorance at play.  Or maybe wicked self-interest at work.  Either way, it demonstrates why Republicans are wrong once again on another serious — indeed a historic — issue.

But this part of their anti-Obama argument kills me.  I see in today’s New York Times that they claim their opposition is based on concerns that Obama’s plans “will strengthen foreign economies at the expense of American workers.”


For more than three decades — the years of Reagan and since — the United States, largely under the swoon of misguided conservative free market policies, has done little to support the American worker while enriching both the economies of foreign nations and the oligarchs and corporations who have the wherewithal to invest there!

This is typical conservative hypocrisy and double-speak.  Claiming to side with the interests of workers doesn’t make it so.  There are things that can be done now to help American workers. Public investment in infrastructure and social programs, investment in education and health care, removing restrictions on collective bargaining and unions, restore sound trade policy, and reform corporate and individual tax laws.  That’s where workers would benefit most, but Republicans not only stand in the way of these policies, they actively work to destroy what is left.


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