Sunday Morning News Show Blahs

What is the point of Sunday morning news shows?  The dwindling amount of meaningful content is depressing.  They have become little more than stages for thoughtless arguments, most often featuring Republicans or their conservative issues because — I presume — they are the most entertaining (i.e., jaw-dropping whacky).

Even the pundit round tables are boring escapades of defensive partisanship.  No real debate happens.  Facts are rare and feel almost behind the times when they do appear.  It is horrible.

I miss Kinsley and Novack!

At the more local level here in Minneapolis and St. Paul, there is a wee little more content that thoughtful people might find relevant to their lives, but just a little.  Again, it is still mostly ideological bombast and, unfortunately, a lot of our local politicians are not as good at it.   Nonetheless, to quote a true bombast and knucklehead, Andrew Wilkow, “We’re right, they’re wrong, end of story” carries the day.  That doesn’t work for me anymore.

I’ll stream The McLaughlin Group.  That’s old school quirky and that will do.


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