Farmland Lakes…going, going, gone?

Prime lake shore — sandy frontage on a deep clear lake — has been difficult to find for decades.  Most of it has been subdivided and developed.  They are not making any more of it, either.

Still, until recently, farmland lakes — lakes often ringed with fields of reeds and bogs — were mostly left untouched.  That’s changing, especially as the city sprawls out into the countryside..

It is some ugly stuff, too!

IMG_1665People with respectable aesthetic sense are appalled by suburban development generally, but these exurban lakes attract the worst of the worst:  The unrefined tastes of the nouveau riche.  Ok, ok…I am only kidding.  Sort of.  (No, I’m not.)

Look at this. Big and ugly is what matters…and apparently the bigger and the uglier the better.   Where once you might enjoy a bucolic lakeside vista, you now see someone’s ego expressed in novice architecture.

Look at these houses.  The house on the left is ugly and big.  The house in the middle is uglier and bigger.  The house on the right is…ok, but it’s still big!  All three house are in the way, taking up space, destroying the view.  That’s the problem.

It could be worse, it certainly could.  Instead of three large ugly houses, there might be a tangle of beige starter mansions polluting the shoreline.  (That development likely is going on just out of view over the ridge.)

There’s still plenty of peace and beauty to be enjoyed out here.  No doubt the builders of those houses understand that, but the quality of what we have changes and forever changes.  Someday the memory of undeveloped shorelines will be forgotten and missed no more than the lost prairies that once surrounded these lakes.  Maybe that’s just the way it is.



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