It Isn’t Your Father’s Country Anymore

It is time to accept, if you haven’t already, that the United States is not your father’s country any more.  Or maybe it is best to say not your grandfather’s, since in truth we have lived through at least a generation of undoing what the US once was.

When it might seem to some that it cannot get any worse, it appears that indeed it is getting worse.  House Speaker John Boehner‘s resignation this week further signals that the march away from twentieth century American populist democracy storms on.  The mix of jubilance from the (far) right and dread from nearly everyone else — at least the regrettably small minority of Americans who meaningfully follow these things — tells us that the country is divided.  In that there is some hope:  Not all Americans celebrate the dismantling of our democracy.

But in the end, middle-class democracy no longer rules American politics and policy.  The people who understand the value of that lost democracy are aging or otherwise being unheard while those who trump their conservative opinions over policy facts steal control.

When thoughtful people lament the fall of John Boehner you know things are out of whack.


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