Tagless Undershirts…

Let me guess…you are probably one of those people who think tagless undershirts are a good idea. Well, you’re wrong. And if you really think it makes that much of a difference, you’re probably neurotic too. Do you think former NBA great Michael Jordan really cares? Hardly. Neither should you.

While folding laundry tonight I considered the woebegone tag. I realized that its demise probably is nothing more than a money-saving ploy concocted as an “improvement” by underwear manufacturers. No one has ever really been bothered by tags, after all, not even princesses. And they are super sensitive to these things. I know.

Tags bring a lot of advantages to a wardrobe that I fear we forget…or forgot. Most obviously tags tell you what size you wear. However, consider this: When we had tags in our clothes, I had a better than 50-50 chance of getting a shirt on the right way. Now I have to rely on other clues, like tiny stains and tears. There is the shirt I was wearing when I backed into a rusty nail, for example; that shirt has both a stain and a tear. I know to put that little bloody hole on the back.

Alas, other than these clues, when the cheaply stamped tagless tag fades away you really don’t have much to go by. I suppose a laundry pen might help. (Mark one side “back” and the other side “front”.) Or maybe a guy could just stick to v-necks. I don’t know…what do women prefer these days?

For my part, I just want my shirt tags back. You should, too.


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