WordPress Alienation

Man on a bench.  Noerenberg Gardens, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. (c) Shane Schmidt

Not me. Not yet. A man on a bench, Noerenberg Gardens, Crystal Bay, Lake Minnetonka.

Alienation is one of those loaded and abused words.  Literally.  It is a concept detached from its meaning.  Its connotations don’t square with its denotations.  And one should avoid it all cost, unless, of course, you’re referencing — in a meta-discursive way — the fine art of Modernist complaint.

But I’m going to use it anyway — and completely without cynicism or irony — because I think WordPress has lost me.  I no longer feel any affinity with my W.  No longer relevant, me or it.  What Walker Percy might call the Malaise.

What’s the “Beep-boop-bop” stuff when I want to create a new post?  What do I have to “register” to use the photo gallery?  Where are the recommended hyperlinks as I type?  Why can’t I post my own related posts at the bottom of my page?  Where are the tags?  The categories?

WordPress looks dumber to me.  Empty and blue.  Can I go back the old WordPress, WordPress?

Of course I should look for the silver lining, for surely that’s what this is.  I will renewed my Lynda.com subscription (Are you still there, Mort?) and relearn WordPress.  Perfect timing.  I need something fresh.  Don’t you?

Now I am at the point of my post I dread most:  Links and tags and categories.  Where are they?  Oh bother, bother…let’s go see…


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