Ancient Peruvian Desert Site and Greenpeace: A question

Peru and many people — especially anti-Greenpeace people — are upset about a sign the organization placed next to a large ancient etching in the Peruvian desert.  They are angry about disturbing what they call the pristine and undisturbed desert.  Entry into the area is strictly forbidden.

However, are we to believe that people had never trampled in and around the etchings before?  What about the people who made the etchings?  Apparently that is true.

I am not apologizing or defending Greenpeace.  I’m just wondering.

I suppose the Nazca people who made the etchings 1000 years ago chose that place to make the etchings because there is a layer of black crust above the lighter sand below that would be suitable for making the etchings in the first place.  So in way that makes all of this more remarkable.  Though history — before and up and until the site was rediscovered — it had existed unmarred?  That’s remarkable.  I suspect aliens.  But even more interesting, I think, is the idea that the etchings were made at all.  How do you line it up and create that large of a project without stomping around it?

And are there no animals wandering about the deserts of Peru?  How does the desert remain untouched?

Just wondering.


One thought on “Ancient Peruvian Desert Site and Greenpeace: A question

  1. Francis.R.

    I’m Peruvian and I can say that my deception is not for enter an “undisturbed desert” (there is no such thing and less in Nazca and they put removable letters to don’t damage the desert) but for disturb the remains of an important civilization of our ancestors. Reading the newspapers also in Peru there is nobody saying the rage is about the desert, it’s about our memories and heritage built in a fragile desert (one of the reasons about the conservation of the lines)
    And it was not just Greenpeace but they had a (bad) Peruvian archeologist as a accomplice, this is not the firs time our culture is attacked (the worst our Peruvian politicians with the highway for example) but it’s horrible from an organization that would be sensible to the culture too.
    About the design of the lines our civilizations didn’t unknown sciences and design, as the large Incan empire urban and regional planning proof.


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