$5.4 Billion for Ebola

Oh my goodness…President Barack Obama asks for $6.2 billion to “respond” to the Ebola “crisis”, whatever that means…but I agree, we should be fighting disease, Ebola and more.  And Tom Cole, a GOPer from Oklahoma, put the funding in the current spending legislation pending a winning vote from the Senate.

Let me repeat, I agree that we should be investing in disease prevention and control.  It all makes sense.  However, let’s look at this from an objective stance.  GOPers generally do not support public health care.  It might be a matter of bitter stupidity, I don’t know, but what accounts for supporting funding for Ebola defense?  Keep in mind that ONE person died in the United States from Ebola.  Millions die because they do not have health care.

The answer?  Ebola is a scary disease that the Other brings to us.  It is an invasion of race.  The Dark Continent, remember?

It doesn’t take an MIT professor to speak the truth and tell you that Americans are stupid.  Anyone with a moment to think can figure this out.  It is the curse of our flawed democracy.  The best thing we can do to save ourselves is educate our kids.  But we have not money for that.

What else don’t we have money or time for?  Written into the so-called spending bill is an amendment prohibiting legalized marijuana sales in the District of Columbia?  (Dark people, you know.)  And for good measure limiting Joe Biden’s salary to $230,700 a year.  (He’s runner up when it comes to running the most powerful government in the world…and clearly a moocher at $230K.)  Idiot America, shame on you.


One thought on “$5.4 Billion for Ebola

  1. Gary Farland

    Probably another boondoggle for BigPharm. And I wonder if marijuana would help with symptoms? And what is Halliburton’s cut? We should get Michele Bachmann to denounce it as crony capitalism.


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