Exploiting Eric Dean

While being interviewed on WCCO Friday morning, Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey claimed that the Minnesota GOP was not trying to exploit the death of Eric Dean, a Minnesota 4-year-old killed by his abusive stepmother, in an ad campaign attacking Governor Mark Dayton.


Using the Eric Dean story — and his image — was exactly an attempt to take advantage of and make use of his death.  In other words, Keith Downey, you were exploiting the boy.

Never mind the tangent irrelevance to Mark Dayton — thinking reasonably is not a conservative strength — it was nothing less than an attempt raise emotions using an emotional issue and associate that boy’s death with our governor.

Let’s see.  A few kids died in Seattle yesterday.  Guns.  Perhaps democrats could run ads against anti-gun control Republicans with a list — a very long list — of children killed by guns scrolling across the screen.  That makes no sense.  No one would stand for that.

In fact, Governor Dan Malloy in Connecticut ran an ad after the Newtown shootings and Republicans whined about his pledge to cut “$12 billion in long term debt; increasing funding for education every year; providing the leadership to protect our families from gun violence.”  No mention of Newton and seemingly a reasonable pledge, isn’t it?  But not to conservatives.

So, Keith Downey, I dare say you and Jeff Johnson were indeed trying to exploit Eric Dean.  Shame on you.



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