GOP Candidate Jeff Johnson and the Middle Class

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson had a “oops” moment when he stumbled over a question that most beauty pageant contestants could handle with ease.  Johnson is campaigning on a pledge to work for the middle class, but when asked how he would define middle class he answered “I have no clue.”

Some people have come to his defense arguing that what “middle class” means is different from person to person depending on one’s situation.

That isn’t much of a defense, especially for someone who pretends to champion the middle class.  Inherent in that campaign promise should be some idea of what he supports.  Not having a clue raises a number of questions, not least of them is whether or not he really has any ideas at all.

Johnson’s Tea Party beliefs — anti-union, anti-government, anti-minimum wage, among others — are not positions that benefit the middle class.  For that matter they really are not strong positions for anyone, regardless of class.  Those are his beliefs.  In a campaign when Minnesota is on the right track, abandoning the good work that is helping Minnesota will be a tough sell.  Whatever Jeff Johnson might decide defines the middle class, his ideas a wrong in any case.

A Tea Party Republican is not what Minnesota needs.



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