Supreme Court Upholds Texas Strict Voter ID Law

United States Supreme CourtIt requires a very poor parsing of the Second Amendment, but let’s pretend that the Second Amendment does indeed guarantee an individual right to own guns.  Doesn’t the Constitution also guarantee individuals the right to vote?  The Voter’s Right Act was meant to remove any questions, but apparently questions remain.

In the case of guns, Republicans mostly argue against any regulation of gun ownership, including laws requiring ID to purchase firearms.  This opposition is part of the party’s political platform.  Republicans view this as an attack on the right to own fire arms.

They seem to have no problem whatsoever when we similarly attack the right to vote.  In this case, voting is treated more like a privilege than a right.  The reason for the GOP attack on voting rights is unclear, but it seems to be justified by the ruse of fraud.

There is no fraud, at least non in any meaningful sense, statistically or otherwise.  It is a clear and present non-issue.

The matter of guns, on the other hand…well a quick scan of this weekend’s news shows a number of gun crimes and death.  It happens every hour in this country, 24/7 without stop.  Here there is a clear and very present danger to the rights of people to enjoy their security, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.  Where’s the outrage?

Apparently outrage and stupidity are incompatible.

Clearly what this country needs once and for all is a simple constitution amendment guaranteeing the right to vote for all.  (Don’t hold your breath.)

But let’s go back to the disgrace that is our Supreme Court.  To say that the institution is a partisan mess is being kind.  Several justices get away with their crimes because voters are too ignorant to understand the partisan abuse these justice inflict upon the laws and rights of the American public.  These are not justices, these are partisan pawns at best, ruthless hacks at worse.  (I judge hacks.  These men know what they are doing.)

Our rights are being robbed by the very men appointed to protect them.  They have names:  Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and chief cheat Roberts with too-often Kennedy joining to endorse the bastardized court.  Kennedy is a weak coward.  The others disgrace their oath.

Pay attention to the partisan hypocrisy.  If you have any sense of true justice and constitution rights, you’ll keep these corrupt people out of power.  And it all starts with stopping the Republican Party.


One thought on “Supreme Court Upholds Texas Strict Voter ID Law

  1. Gary Farland

    The Republicans like to champion gun rights because it gives them identity with the primitive Americans who see gun control as an attack on their status as individualistic and self-supporting Americans. But actually Republicans represent the superrich. And the reason they like voter ID and limited absentee voting is because this tends to preclude Democrats.


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