Dara’s (Almost) Soft Drink Meltdown!

Welcome Pause Coca-ColaOh my…Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl doesn’t think much of soda pop!  In fact, if you drink it, I’m not sure she thinks much of you!

But I could be wrong…

However, on today’s Chad Hartman show on WCCO Radio, Dara certainly made it clear she doesn’t like soda pop and carried on one of those whiny, bullying complaints that just get aggravating.

I recall Dara’s long 10-15 minute anti-soda pop rant from memory which, while I believe to be nearly perfect, has been proven to wander some.  But that’s ok, the gist is here.

Eat a chocolate eclair, Dara suggested, because it is your life.  Live!  Try a flavored tea.  Live!  Put caramel in your coffee.  Live!  And so on.

And so dull.

Come on, Dara!  People might like pop, what difference does it make if they take their half-cup of excessive sugar in a cold sweet drink or a muddled cocktail?  Nearly all of us take in too much sugar.  And certainly some ways might be “better” than others…As a matter of fact, I know a few people who would rather see me take my sugar in the form of a Coke than a bottle of Brunello, although I don’t entirely understand why.  However, for whatever reason — maybe personal choice?  — for some people a bottle of Coca-Cola is preferred to a chocolate doughnut.  So what?

The irony is Dara suggested that people choose soft drinks because it is a kind of status symbol.  She seemed to want to shame people to be more thoughtful about that.  (“Drink water!  Save your money!”)  For my part, I have never thought of a six pack of ANYTHING as a status symbol.  Have you?  In fact, “six pack”, as in Joe Six Pack, for example, has decidedly non-status connotations.  What does sound like a status symbol is walking into the office with a highfalutin doughnut or ordering a “craft” cocktail.

Am I Right?

Whatever was going on with Dara today, it was interesting to see someone have so much trouble putting a simple drink into context.  You bet…A lot of people eat too much sugar.  A lot each too much period!  The real story here is what is happening to those drinks.  The sweeteners in most are processed sugars and cutting those — as Pepsi and Coke intend to do — will only likely mean that soft drinks have more chemicals and whatnot mixed into the ingredients.  That’s the scandal in my book, not the whether people prefer a soft drink over a slice of cheese cake.

See below for more useful Dara material (including a link to the best pretentious iced high-calorie coffees).  Dara does good work.


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