Sunday: A Post That Has Nothing To Do With Anything

I removed the air conditioner from one of my two bedroom windows.  It allows for a steady and impressive breeze to blow in from one end of the apartment and out the other.  Outside I hear that cool wind blow through the trees.  My curtains and blinds wave in that same wind, too.

Across the ally my neighbor plays his piano, a very eclectic mix of songs, many I know and some I don’t.  He plays slowly, deliberately, loudly, too.  And takes frequent breaks.  Perhaps to think about something.  Then he plays on again.

I’m atop my bed, dressed, with today’s newspaper in a pile next to me and a notebook filled with this morning’s ideas on top of that.  But it is getting late – it is past noon already – and there are things to do.

I should stop first in Uptown and have a beer with friends giddy for yet another day of doing that sort of thing.  Then over to the university where other friends will be having a giddy beer before this afternoon’s football game.  And then toward the end of the day a party being billed as a barn dance.  I’m dressed for it already.  Vest, tie, and checked shirt.  I like the look.  I think it suits me.

But right now I am too much at peace to really want to do anything.  That breeze blows, the neighbor plays, and I just sit in the midst of it all.  It isn’t such a bad place to be.


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