Mike McFadden: Making Kurt Bills Look Good!

Mike McFadden Wrong for MinnesotaPoor Kurt Bills, the man put up to the task of running against soft-issue Amy Klobuchar because no Minnesota Republican really wanted to suffer the embarrassment.

It would seem that the GOP has chosen a similar “strategy” again this go around again the popular Al Franken.   Mike McFadden looks clearly out of his league in this campaign.  His strategy relies heavily on disingenuous folksy charm that shows more of a lack of acting skill than a depth of character.  His campaign makes one wonder — as oxymoronic as it sounds — whether the GOP really has a deep bench of serious candidates.  Persistence — or misfortune — seem to be all it takes to climb the ladder in the Republican Party today.

But let’s give some credit to Kurt Bills.  At least he tried to talk policy and issues.  Mike McFadden, on the other hand, takes his candidacy as a chance to ham up waggish skits.  Where Kurt Bills appeared earnest and sincere, Mike McFadden appears entitled and smug.

Of course McFadden, as a GOP candidate, really doesn’t have much of a platform supporting him.  We’re supposed to want Mike because he wants to debate, for example, but debate what?  And why?  Indeed, McFadden’s political life may very well depend on NOT debating the experienced and policy-savvy Al Franken.

Committed Republicans will vote for McFadden regardless of how misguided that might seem.  It’s what they do.  If Republicans hope to remain relevant in the future, they need to speak to informed and thoughtful voter who really cares and thinks about issues.  Candidates like McFadden remind us that the GOP really does not have kind of candidate or strategy to win over those voters.  Until they have a meaningful message, that isn’t likely to change regardless of who is put on the ticket.

Politics is serious business and it is best left to serious, experienced people who respect government and work hard on behalf of the people government serves.  Mike McFadden shows nothing that would make us think he is that person.

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