Andrew Wilkow Expresses His View of the NFL Appointing Women as Advisors

Andrew Wilkow

Andrew Wilkow

Andrew Wilkow took a few minutes on his radio program today to express his opinions about the National Football League appointing three women –Lisa Friel, Jane Randel, and Rita Smith — as advisers and serve the league’s new Vice President of Social Responsibility.

Whatever your opinions of this move by the NFL, let’s hope it isn’t on par with Wilkow’s.

In short, Wilkow ridiculed it.  (No surprise there.)  He said it was part of an overall plan to turn men into women.  (Really?)  And that wasn’t enough.  He described the women advisers as “schoolmarms…bringing the hairy armpit crowd” to the NFL.   Yes…He did.  The hairy arm pit crowd.  It would be funny if Wilkow were not so vile.

What, Andrew, do you mean, exactly?  Let’s figure it out.

Let’s push aside the offensive name calling for a moment and remember what this is.  This is Wilkow’s reaction to the NFL’s effort to address the problem of domestic violence that has plagued the league.  Even if you take the cynical view that the NFL has appointed women for the sake of good publicity, Wilkow argued that this is all about an overall trend to turn boys into men who wear “skinny jeans and carry tote bags” or some such nonsense.

It seems that Wilkow views the NFL as one of the last places where men can be men.  It is a bulwark against a society that is “raising little boys to be little girls.”

Does it take much to read between the lines?  Women — presumably with hairy armpits, the worst kind — are interfering with the masculinity of the NFL.  They are bringing their schoolmarmish ways to the NFL as an overall campaign to turn boys into girls.  Ultimately society will blur the line between men and women so much that we might as well be an androgynous blob!

Apparently Wilkow thinks domestic abuse is all part of the natural order of things, one that maintains the proper roles of the sexes.  Men will be men!  Boys should be boys!  And women should keep their hairy arm pits out of it!  Right?  Right?

This is exactly the sort of attitude that fosters abuse and dodges responsibility.


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