Mike McFadden is Qualified for the United States Senate Because…?

Mike McFadden

Mike McFadden

Mike McFadden seems like a decent guy.  From all accounts he has done many good things for his family, church, and community.  I’ve been told he even save Allen Edmonds Shoes, something I certainly appreciate.  He has been successful and there is nothing damning about that.  But why, especially considering that he is political novice, qualified for higher public office, indeed one of the highest offices one can hold in this country?

Mike McFadden has no political record and listening to him speak it sounds as if he really doesn’t have much in the way of specific ideas either.  He is going to cut this, reorganize that, and put America back on the right track.  There is no what or why in his speeches.

Plus, he is a businessman.

Now, I am not making the knee-jerk condemnation a successful businessman.  I don’t hold those views.  In fact here is a nice little write up from June 2013 by Lee Shafer at the Star Tribune defending businessmen in public office and McFadden in general. But it seems to me that if your primary qualification for office is success in the private sector, that might not be good enough, especially if you are running against an incumbent who does have political experience and a successful political record.

Al Franken has experience and a successful record.

Al Franken has experience and a successful record.

True, Al Franken came to the game without experience in government, but he had a very well-known and well-established record on where he stood with the issues.  And, I would say, he has pretty much delivered on those positions.  Candidates like McFadden try to condemn Franken for voting with his party, but these are issues Franken supports there shouldn’t be any surprise in this.

With McFadden, on the other hand, it isn’t so easy to see where he will fall.  He sounds heavily coached on policy talking points, however, and does have the support of preceding GOP senators from Minnesota — and the enthusiastic endorsement of Michele Bachmann — so one might draw some conclusions.

It seems that anything Al Franken, Barack Obama, or the Democrats generally have done in recent years is bad, bad, bad.  McFadden argues incessantly contrary to the evidence.  Amazingly, guys like McFadden seem to think going back to 2008 is the winning solution.   But for what ends?

Take for example health care reform.  McFadden, like most Republicans, argue for a “repeal and replace” answer to the Affordable Care Act.  Why should we buy into this argument.  For decades Republicans have fought reform, now they claim to have better ideas.  Really?  Who’s that naive?

Mike McFadden Wrong for MinnesotaUnfortunately, that’s about all that the Republican Party has for an answer is “change.”  Change to what?  (Remember Sarah Palin mocking the Democrats about change?  Even more funny now, isn’t it?)

The truth is Democrats — in spite of GOPs best efforts to prevent ANY change — have changed a lot in this country, a lot for the better.  Does it really make sense to support a change in senator at this point, especially to a candidate who has no record and one whose primary credential is an endorsement by the obstructionist Republican Party?

Mike McFadden fails to make any argument whatsoever — outside of rehearsed GOP talking points — why we should change course when we are on a path far better than the one we were dragged down in 2008.  His party had its chance and it did not work.  The last thing we need now is a man who will be beholden to those failed ideas in our future.

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