Hey, McFadden! What Exactly is “Back on Track”?

Mike McFadden, GOP candidate for United States Senate in Minnesota, is out campaigning on the line that he will get our country “back on track”.  What can McFadden mean?

Mike McFadden Wrong for MinnesotaDoes he mean positive economic and job growth?  Check.  We’ve got that.  Instead of a devastating recession and millions of lost jobs, economic growth as measured by GDP hovers around 2% and the economy has added nearly 2 million jobs, cutting unemployment to by more than 2%.

Maybe McFadden wants to cut government and spending.  Well, since we Al Franklin has been in office, our deficit has been cut in half, spending is down, and government is smaller than then previous GOP years.

How about that health care Mike promise’s to cut?  Is removing a popular program that has already helped as many as 10 million Americans get health insurance and has expanded protection and coverage to millions more a way to put America “back on track”?  Probably not.  McFadden is correct.  Al Franken did vote for this and he likely did represent the “deciding vote,” so to speak.  Why is that a bad thing?  People who pay attention love Obamacare!

Maybe the good old days were days of energy production, reduced oil imports and so on.  Hmm…what could a good Republican like McFadden change?  Oil production is up 29% and imports are down 33%.   We have also seen a 156% increase in alternative energy sources, but Republicans, naturally, don’t like that.  Anyway, McFadden is right…Franken supported Obama‘s energy policies.

Al Franken

Al Franken is doing a great job for Minnesota and the country.

Of course foreign policy is a messy, dark area.  It will be decades before the United States — long past my lifetime — will fully get itself free from the messes and mistakes made by hawkish Republicans.  Iraq is just the surface.  A multi-trillion dollar mistake that will cost thousands of lives for years to come.

So I suppose if we want a more unstable economy, McFadden gets your vote.  Of if you want to cut — as Mike says — insurance coverage for millions of Americans, smiling Mike is your man.  But it is hard to see how any of this could be good for anyone.

McFadden is a political light weight, an empty ideologue, and one of the many who belongs to a party that represents  the past — and increasingly representing the failures of the past — and not the future.  It is necessary for them to talk in broad strokes, painting the other side as failures and they as success, because that’s all they’ve got.  The facts speak otherwise.

Help me keep Mike McFadden out of the United States Senate.


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