Come On, Mort…Wake Up!

I am listening to Mort Zuckerman spread misleading pro-Israeli propaganda.  Zuckerman should know better.

Let’s be very clear about one thing, Israel is in the position of power — with the full and unflinching support of the United States — and therefore can choose to either respect the two-state solution in Palestine and Israel or not.  Period.

Unfortunately, decades of disingenuous negotiations and apartheid policy proves Israel’s priorities.  Israel continues to appropriate Palestinian land for settlements, embargoes the Palestinian territories, and uses unnecessary and brutal force against the Palestinians.

The Palestinians abandoned the PLO because nothing was happening to serve Palestinian interests or their future. The promise of sincere negotiation and peace from Israel never came to be.  One easily can argue that Israel created the political environment that gave Hamas a chance.  And that serves Israel’s agenda just fine.

To continue blaming the Palestinians and pretend that the Palestinians are the reason why there is no peace in Palestine is a shameful lie and that lie perpetuates the war.

Until people are honest with the facts and pay attention to the truth, this evil system of oppression will not end.


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