Listen to Netanyahu and You Will Understand the Israel Problem

israelpalestine-flagsThe Guardian reports that in a conference call with President Barak Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu scolded the United States, telling Obama and Kerry “not to ever second-guess me again.”

Right there you see the problem.  Israel is nothing more than a rogue state — an international bully — and the United States is that bully’s big stupid brother willing to defend Israel regardless of how badly it behaves.

Israel is the largest recipient of US Foreign Aid, over $3 billion annually, plus perhaps billions more in forgiven loans, military equipment, and other military aid.

But that is nothing compared with the advantage Israel gains from our political support.  The United States stands alone — and stands in the way — of dozens of United Nations resolutions condemning Israel for human rights violations.  Using its veto authority, the United States has blocked every one of them.

And Netanyahu has the guts to tell the United States to back off?  That says a lot about the United States!  You, me, our leaders…all of use…we are being pushed around by Israel even as we feed it billions and much more.

The United States largely stands alone in the world with its unquestioned support of Israel.  The time to question that support is long overdue.

Over 1500 Palestinians have died in Israel’s latest attack on the Palestinian people.  Tens of thousands of homes and other buildings have been damaged or destroyed.  The overall economic impact on the Palestinians could reach billions.  Meanwhile Israel continues to defy other human rights issues, including but certainly not limited to, occupying and settling Palestinian land and freezing Palestinian commerce and assets.  Death and destruction is the Israeli way.  And it will not end with the United States condoning and subsidizing it.

As long as Israel continues its abuses, US support has to stop.


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