An Idea to Help Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis has been whining about government taking his money for years.  He’s a big complainer without much sense.  If he is so damn sick of government taking his money…move!  Seriously.  Get out of Minnesota and take everyone who whines like you with you.

Look, Jason Lewis isn’t needed.  The people who complain like him are not needed.  In fact, the state would do much better without these deadbeats.  There are plenty of places around the country that might be more hospitable to Jason’s ignorance.  (And also more likely to rely on a disproportionate amount of Federal assistance.)  There are also many places around the world that seem suitable for a boot strap-pulling libertarian like Lewis.

The problem is, when you get down to facts, people like Lewis — all of us, actually — are who we are because we once had a strong and vibrant government.  Everything from a clean and safe environment to government sponsored research has built the world’s strongest economy.

We don’t need more stupid in this world.  We certainly don’t need it in Minnesota.  We have our fill and then some.  Please, Jason, leave.  Move.  Go.  Now!


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