Yes, Minnesota, it is a Democrat State Government

DFL-logo-RGBMinnesota Republicans are running an ad telling us that Democrats control the state’s government.  And that, they say, is bad based on misleading outrage over the construction of a new state senate office building.  That $77 million investment, they argue, is responsible for higher property taxes and imply it takes priority over road repairs.  Neither of these claims is correct, but to the people to whom they are speaking, that doesn’t matter.

I suggest that Democrats take this strategy and win with it.  Democrats indeed do control the legislature and we have a Democratic governor.  The results?  The results are great!

Democrats have turned around the state’s dismal fiscal situation, something Republicans could not and would not do.  The state’s economy is on the mend, too.  This isn’t a matter for debate.  It is a fact.  Plus the state has done a lot of good for people.  Gay couples have the right to marry in Minnesota and tens of thousands of Minnesotans have medical insurance thanks to our state’s willingness to participate in health care reform.  Nonetheless, Republicans…well, they simply don’t have anything to offer other than unsubstantiated complaints.

Minnesota State Capitol BuildingSo, yes, Minnesota, your government is controlled by Democrats and whether you like it or not, the state is better off because of it.  Democrats should embrace this fact and hammer it home now through November.


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