Why Scott Honour is Not Qualified to Be Minnesota Governor in One Quote

Scott Honour

Scott Honour

Scott Honour told us all we need to know about his naive vision of managing Minnesota’s government in one inexplicable statement.  In a statement quoted in the Star Tribune, the rookie does indeed make his case.

When acknowledging that a 10% across the board cut to state government — itself a ridiculous and tired idea — would result in layoffs, he tells us that “Laying off that government employee will give us the opportunity to get more investment into the private sector, which is going to create more jobs.”

Really?  How?  Explain.

If you’re like me, you find yourself looking for an open window when you hear Republicans talk.  These people are so dead to the reality of their failed positions it is has become almost impossible to comment on them anymore.   Show me how this is going to work or shut up.  Seriously.

Because we can show you how it has not worked.

Cuts to local government did not increase job growth across the economy, it delayed job growth.  In fact the biggest drag on reducing the nation’s unemployment numbers has been layoffs in the public sector.  Furthermore, while Honour may not realize it or understand it, he is essentially making a supply-side argument (I think), claiming that cutting jobs will let us cut taxes (even though we have old bills to pay) and thereby give “job creators” the wherewithal to create jobs.

Ask Scott Honour — a guy I presume would count himself among the “makers” versus the “takers” — if he would open a widget factory if there were no people with the means to buy widgets.

So we learn two things from Honour’s statement.  First, he is no different from the Republicans who have preceded him — including his friend Tim Pawlenty — who have failed to steer the course toward a strong, robust economy.  Second, Scott Honour does not understand economics and our current economic realities.  And can I add a third?  He has no public sector experience and his lack of experience shows.

Why, pray tell, would anyone support a candidate like this?  Would a Fortune 500 company make the mail room boy president and CEO?

The best thing Scott Honour can do is spend more of his money campaigning against his fellow Republicans.  That at least puts money — his and theirs — in the economy.   Go, Scott, Go!


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