McFadden’s “Groin Gate” is Silly. This Isn’t.

Mike McFadden

Help Me Keep This Guy Out of Public Office.

People who want to care seem to be having fun with Mike McFadden’s silly “Groin Gate” campaign ad.  Perhaps the most serious criticism comes from people who think McFadden should be positioning himself as a serious politician with serious policy positions.  Those people, apparently, forget that McFadden is a Republican.

The rest of us realize that Groin Gate humor is the sort of stuff that began to discern the intellectual haves from the have-nots starting back in the middle school years.  We really could care less.  Let the fool play the fool when, after all, politics today isn’t much more than the sort of social jostling that once reigned over adolescents in school playgrounds and hallways.

There’s another McFadden ad to which people should be paying more attention, one that points to some serious McFadden issue concerns.  It seems that McFadden removed his son’s stitches rather than pay a doctor his $100 fee to remove them.

What’s this all about??

Presumably we are suppose to admire McFadden for is careful money management priorities, but as his son, Conor McFadden says, Mike McFadden is cheap.

Let me just ask, how are we supposed to entrust someone — a self-described business success with the means to cover simple health care procedures for his children — with prudent management of our government when he will not choose the best option for the well-being of his own son?

In the ad McFadden claims he isn’t cheap, it is about a “budget.”  Let’s stop right there.  That’s one key place where Republicans fail.  A budget is planning and preparing for things like your children’s medical needs.  Cutting corners is not smart budget management for a family and it isn’t smart for government either.  As a matter of fact, it is because we have largely followed conservative budget principles in recent decades that we are in the fiscal mess we suffer today.  We see what cutting does to society and the economy that supports it.

Furthermore, and more to the point about this ad, McFadden jokes that Conor survived.  True.  However, McFadden’s ad is about cutting Obamacare.  Prior to Obamacare arguably thousands of people did not survive because they lacked the medical care McFadden so eagerly flouts.

It disgusts me that people so self-absorbed with their own myopic view of the world can laugh into a camera and make a promise to cut a program that is improving the lives of millions of people across the country.  That should be the real scandal, because it is clear that guys like McFadden don’t have the balls for real issues — groin gate or otherwise — to do the right thing.



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