Taking a Deep Breath…

Noerenberg Garden, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota I’m not letting no irresponsible buffoon like Bobby Jindal ruin my peace today.  No.  Not today.  Taking a deep breath.  He’s playing to what he sees he needs to do anyway.  No body, not even Bobby Jindal can be that stupid.  (But the people who fall for it…well, maybe.)

No, now wait!  My peace.  Breathe.  Take a deep breath.  Come with me as we wander a lakeside garden, a pretty garden with trees and flowers and towering beautiful white and grey clouds looming overhead…come, come and find peace.  all the ugly little buggers fade, fade away…

Trust me.  It works.

I took today’s deep breath at Noerenberg Gardens on Lake Minnetonka‘s Crystal Bay.

The story of Noerenberg Gardens is an interesting one, if I have my story straight.  Fred Noerenberg founded Grain Belt beer and built an estate on this site at the turn of the century.  The last surviving Noerenberg daughter maintained the estate as a garden and upon her death left the property to the park district.  Her gift required that the house be torn down — or did it burn down?  I like torn down better — and so it is most of the lakeside property without the home.  A boat house and a pump house remain.

Maybe not the place for typical park activities, but a nice place to visit.

Maybe not the place for typical park activities, but a nice place to visit.

It is a beautifully quiet stop on the lake.  Few people take advantage of it, although I did find a few used condoms in the parking lot.  Nice touch.  For the most part, however, this is a very wholesome stop in an otherwise…busy part of town.  It recalls the more dignified and idyllic past, whether real or not.

There was a rather calm and charming family at the gardens as I took pictures.  Three generations.  Grandpa and a man I believe was a grandson-in-law sat in the gazebo-like structure atop the old boat house while the granddaughter roamed the gardens with her mother and grandmother.

I never got a good picture of the young woman, but she was picture perfect in her sundress, slowly wandering the paths and admiring the flowers and plants.  I liked her.  She was elegant is a simple way.

Take the occasional time out to look and wander.  It does a lot of good.

Let’s take a look at Noerenberg Gardens.


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