MNSure IS Doing Phenomenally Well

Mark Dayton

Mark Dayton (Photo credit: grassroots solutions)

Ignore the whiners over at the G.O.P. and the dark money that funds them.  In Minnesota, as elsewhere, so-called Obamacare is doing quite well.


Of course when a party that has nothing to offer gets a chance to talk about it, they have nothing to say, at least nothing credible.


The hysterics and hyperbole is outrageous, but it isn’t remarkable.  Not anymore.  It isn’t remarkable because it is exactly what can be expected from the people without ideas.


The Minnesota Jobs Coalition is running a television ad attacking Governor Mark Dayton for…well, for delivering good news.  They have picked out two words — “phenomenally well” — and are using that against Dayton, claiming that he is out of touch.


Not surprising.


Remember, facts have no purpose in conservative discourse.  When your positions are petty and regressive, it is hard to find facts to make those positions look good.  So you ignore the facts.


In fact, more than 180,000 Minnesotans gained health care coverage through the MNsure exchange.  That reduced the number of uninsured Minnesotans by 40%.   There might even be a Republican or two in that group of recently insured.


What the folks over at the “jobs coalition” are really whining about is their schadenfreude fascination with the bumpy roll out of the new MNsure website.  Again, if you’re not a winner, you might as well take pleasure in the losses of winners.  That’s exactly what is going on.


In the end, the problems were corrected — with more to come — and people got insurance.  Losers, not winners, quit and sit on the sideline, saying it can’t be done.  Mark Dayton, the guy who was working to make good things happen while the right offered no help whatsoever, got things done.  In fact, I would say he did phenomenally well.



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