How Republicans Win the House

Consider this:  In the 2012 United States House of Representatives election, Democrats earned 48.9% of all votes while Republicans took 47.5% and yet Republicans have a majority — an 8% margin — of seats in the House of Representatives.

And crimes against democracy.

And crimes against democracy.

The popular vote results for president much more decisively favor democratic voters.  President Barak Obama won 51% of the popular vote to Romney’s $47%.  The Senate, which is mostly a measure of a state’s popular vote, is again controlled by Democrats.  You can conclude, therefore, that the popular vote favors Democrat candidates.

So how do Republicans do it?  Well, they vote, that cannot be taken away from them.  American today and our outlook for the future would be much better if more people voted.  Primarily, however, Republicans have taken the power to derail our society one state at a time through the process of gerrymandered Congressional districts.  On census years when states can redraw (and sometimes must redraw) their Congressional districts, those states with GOP control take control and rig and jig the districts to ensure conservative outcomes.

An 8% margin in seats favoring Republicans when Republicans lost the popular vote is the evidence you need to understand this.  Gerrymandering is a crime against democracy.

vote_500x279There’s always the chance that when the next census cycle rolls along that things will be so bad in this country that people will stop voting GOP anyway, but people are not always smart enough to understand their best interests.  And we cannot afford to wait.

The best strategy for America is the vote.  Most people support a smart and progressive future, but that is only good for our future if those people vote.  In a few short months one of the most important elections in our history will occur.  People must vote!  Don’t let people without ideas choose for us.  Get out and vote!  Republicans do it, better Americans can do it, too.


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