Working On…

The good people at A Little Tour in Yellow — that would be me — are working on a sister site.  The problem at this point primarily revolves around a dispute over the new blog’s name.  With little hope for a speedy resolution to that problem, we’re posting something here.

Plus I have a post about asking guys like General Eric Shinseski to resign when things go awry.  I’ll post that soon, perhaps later tonight.

But for now, let’s look at some pictures.  I enjoy visiting cemeteries and generally like them because they are quiet.  I do like to stop at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, however.  It is a chance to get inside the chapels and mausoleums without having to sign up for a tour or pretending you are planning a funeral.

I took a few dozen pictures Monday and for no particular reason chose these to share.  Let’s take a look!

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