The Tour is in Park

Do you write a post to tell people you have taken something like a sabbatical?  Or is that bad form?  In truth I have been writing, but I have taken this idea to do this with purpose a bit too seriously perhaps.  The gears are gummed up.

That’s when I get to this point of whatever post I begin:  Paragraph 2.  It is here when I shrug and tell myself it isn’t there.  I don’t see any point.  I watch a BBC period drama or read last week’s newspaper.

This is for real.  I have been staring at this screen for a good five or ten minutes.  I am completely flat.

I am posting this only so people don’t think I’m in prison.  The Huffington Post this is not.  It isn’t even the Drudge Report.  Hell…it’s barely The Little Tour in Yellow anymore!

Sing in me Muse!  And through me tell a story…

(Gotta find my damn muse.)

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