90 Days: A Project Update

I am not telling you much about my 90 day project probably because this blog is plagued with enough randomness already.   A Little Tour in Yellow really isn’t a focus of that plan anyway.

130. Tours - Maison de Tristan (c.1906)

In a nutshell, I have given myself 90 days to get some stuff done, reorganize, and kick it into gear.  If you scroll down you’ll see that I was whining about a bad start and proclaimed a re-set about two weeks ago.  Well, I almost did that again, but no!  If this is going to happen, it is going to happen.  Besides, constantly resetting the goal defeats the tenor of the project.

Now I already said this blog is not a focus of my 90 day project, however I did decide to start planning, editing, and revising posts — i.e., put more thought into them — before posting.  The result?  I have about six drafts sitting on the sideline and honest to god…I might just pull the trigger and post them.  That’s what brought me here tonight and this post is the result.

(Is this post sounding like something your lonely aunt would write after coming home from her book club or watching The Bachelor?  Is it getting that bad?)

Anyway…This is Day 10 in the 90 day plan…80 to go.  Plenty of time, but plenty of time only if one starts doing something.

That is my advice to you tonight.

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