79 Days to Go

I am on a 90 day quest to sort things out and get things done.  Days 1-4 were solid.  Great prep work accomplished.  Got a sense of things.  Put some notes on some paper.  Made plans.  Gave my self a few Bs and a B+.

The last 4-5 days…not so good.

Self-discovering and that troublesome catching-up-and-rebranding doesn’t come without some effort.  I’ll score these most recent days a low C with at least one generous D.

It’s all about good deeds, being true to oneself, and finally making use of that big slow cooker I own.  Easier said than done.  And I have that story about the girl in the bathtub.  Great start there, but…

I decided today that really good writing is something you would be shocked to know your co-workers found on the office printer.  I haven’t even mustered up that much.

To give you an example — by way of contrary comparison — this post reads like something I would HOPE my coworkers would find on the office printer.

“Why is Shane nuts?”

“Oh, why look!  Shane is working on a project…and just getting started.”

Yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s best to revisit the crock pot, stroganoff style.  (One “F” or two in stroganof?)


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