Nothing for You Tonight, Little Tour.

Sweet Sorrow

Sweet Sorrow (Photo credit: Caro Wallis)

I’m kind of wiped out.  Just now wrapping up Day One of my Ninety Day Project…yeah, yeah…I know, I started this on April 18, but I started over.

There’s a lot on the Ninety Day Project list.  Oh boy, is there ever.  (Resetting the start date is a clever trick.  I have all the half-ass stuff I accomplished over the last ten days or so as a head start.  I’m not so dummy after all.)

But now, alas, we are minutes away from Day Two and I think I will read my way into it.  Reading Troubles by J. G. Farrell.  Other than that, I have nothing for you, Little Tour.

(Day One now complete.  It is midnight.  I’m not sure how to score this one.  I think I’ll give myself a B for good deeds done and not messing things up too badly.)

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