IRS Employee Bonuses and David Webb

David Webb, I don’t think you are as stupid or as ignorant as you sound to be on your radio show, but perhaps I should give you the benefit of doubt and presume you are.  You tell me.

David-Webb-FoxNewsjpg-283x237Your talk tonight about IRS employee bonuses told me all I need to hear.  The complaint is about IRS employees who owe unpaid taxes earning bonuses.  There is supposed to be an obvious error in this.

First of all you have no idea how these bonuses are offered or awarded.  That should be the end of it, but you imply that they get awarded to employees for finding more money than they should.  How is that germane?  Taxes are what they are.  If the tax is valid, it should be collected.  If someone has the job to enforce those rules, good for them and good for us, the taxpayers.  Responsible people pay their taxes.  (I hope you are paying yours.)

Second.  “Unreported Income” is not inherently deception.  To believe this would argue that anyone ever audited or reassessed had committed a crime.  Taxpayers get reassessed.  Some owe more, some don’t.  It happens.  Furthermore, owing back taxes is not necessarily tax deception.  Sometimes people simply cannot pay.  They may owe more than expected or had other expenses that had to be paid.  Most people eventually pay, whether they choose to pay or not.  Do you know what is happening with IRS workers?  Are they all in identical situations?

Whether a worker owes taxes does not have a necessary impact on his ability to do his job.  If you find yourself owing taxes you cannot pay, should you be fired?  Cutting part of a worker’s compensation certainly is not going to make it easier for him to pay his taxes.  Unless his non-payment is criminal, why would an IRS employee in arrears be treated differently than anyone else, say someone in the private sector?

In any case, the inspector general’s report mentions “disciplinary actions” without specifically calling out deliberate tax fraud.

However, there are a lot of people who deliberately don’t pay fees and taxes — a Nevada rancher comes to mind — but that is not unreported income, they are non-filers or tax evaders.  Cheats.  There’s a difference.  Your efforts to smear the good work that public employees do is typical of your ilk.  Simply holding a job essential to government is not a bad thing.

The headlines report “millions paid” to IRS employees who owe taxes.  On average, the bonus works out to less than $1000 per worker, less than that for the 1,100 workers who are having problems paying their tax or might be facing audit.  No where does any report tell us that these workers do not pay their taxes.

You are one of many misrepresenting this story and misleading people to believe that valuable public sector workers are taking advantage of the system.  There is no information supporting your deception.  I doubt making sense of this exceeds your intellect.  Be honest and be fair.

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