Getting a Cranky…Just a Touch

Divided States of AmericaBetween sending Jordana Green exasperated texts and calling David Webb an ignorant nitwit, or whatever I called him, I have been getting just a bit cranky.  But I challenge you to tune into conservative talk radio — or otherwise overly opinionated thoughtless blather — and not feel like you are losing your mind.  It’s absurd.  Really absurd.  Scary absurd.

Misleading people and making scandal where one does not exist, is one thing, but on nationally syndicated radio programs, guys like Bill O’Reilly are actually suggesting that people might take up arms to oppose the government!  All this is happening while Americans retreat further and further toward the fringes clinging to their goddamn guns every more tightly.  Jordana Green has repeated for the last two days on her radio shows, which is broadcast on one of the nation’s largest CBS affiliates, that “if you walk into my house, your dead.”

Doesn’t this concern people?

First, what does it say about our state of mind?  Seriously.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, but people like Jordana — and it sounds like that’s most of us –confuse a sense of justice for security and self defense.  So-called stand your ground laws should not bleed into the realm of justice.  We should not be killing people because they break into our house  — or irritate us and then break into our house as seems to be the Bryon Smith defense — unless they are threatening us.

Second, we have seditious talk show hosts and politicians rousing the rabble over soi disant talk about rights, inciting them to take up arms against government agents.  This happens as our country’s citizenry — under a grossly simple-minded misreading of the Constitution — build up an unprecedented personal arsenal of weapons.  This country is dangerously divided and that is destroying our American community and our common good.  Add guns.

We are going for clueless and careless to angry and dangerous.  We are a better nation than this, aren’t we?  Do people who turn to the founding fathers, people who hold them up as a pantheon and patriotic deity, think those men would be proud of how we behave today?  Let’s hope not.  Let’s hope the ideals and values that founded this country are more sane and sound than those that are stirring us up today.


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