Little Updates on A Little Tour

On April 16 I started a 90 day experiment.  Really it is just a commitment to a few projects.

First, I am writing no less than 60 minutes a day on an idea of fiction I have been playing with for too long.  So far I have stuck to that pledge with today appearing to be my first stumble.

United States

Then I am weighing a couple ideas, both of them new blogs.  A website to drive Democratic voting this fall is one option.  If good smart people get out to vote, this country has a fighting chance, and the vote this fall might be one of the most important votes in generations.  Losing more state legislatures to the GOP and — god forbid — the losing the United States Senate would be disastrous.

The second blog idea is a bit less grand.  I simply want to live up to my promise to plan and edit, maybe start something new to compete with local lifestyle or political bloggers…something that gets noticed.  Perhaps I can take a big chance and be the only man in Minneapolis brave enough to ask what’s the big deal about Dessa.

I do have a handful of things working on a Little Tour, but I fizzle.   Slump time.  Maybe a list of what I haven’t finished is enough.  Here they are:

A post critical of our national cult of terrorism.  In particular, I question the scope of public tributes to events like the Boston Marathon bombs.  It’s a sensitive subject and one where I likely in the minority, but I see things out of balance.  More than 1000 Americans die because of violence in this country every month.  It’s the public spectacle of what we call terrorists attacks that let even those not directly affected feel the role of victim.  To some extent I think it exploits the crime and creates a level of fear that isn’t justified.   And certainly should not be celebrated.  I draw an analogy to the medieval danse macabre.

Dessa Darling

Cover of Dessa Darling

The other post comes as I continue to read Thomas Piketty‘s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  Despite what some critics are saying, this is a fairly objective assessment of the way wealth accrues and inequality grows.  In this post I am trying to draw analogies with every day experiences, things I hope people will recognize directly from experience.  But I am finding this to be more complicated than I expected it to be.

Finally, I am writing about the mainstreaming of political naivete.  We’re really becoming a regressive culture.  A glaring example is the death of meaningful activism.   The abuse of irony and cynicism — which I have posted here — is at the heart of it, I think.

But I am having more fun writing my unfolding work of fiction. Typical for me, though, I find myself getting excited, distracted, and breaking off to search for other things.  It isn’t enough to write a story, I need to outline a play, for example.  One wonders where I might be today if I had met a responsible adult years ago.  Me, however, I wonder if it is too late!

I’m going now to see if I can find anything by Dessa on YouTube.  They say write what you know.


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