A Klick Klack Kitty Cat Memory

Klick Klack ChristmasI sure do miss having Klick Klack Kitty Cat around.  It has been a few years since she raced ahead of me and is now chasing birds in Paradise, but we can still keep our memories, right?

Klick Klack and I were quite the team.  Boy, were we ever.  We should have taken our act on the road, but to tell the truth we only had a couple of gags.   They were good ones though.

One of my favorites — and I think one of Klick Klack’s too — was the phone gag.  The Lovely Nona and I had been dating for a long time and we were still dating, but then…well she was unhappy with me for some reasons, I forget exactly which reasons, and whatever the case, I presume she was angry because she moved out to live with her friend Nelly and well…

Anyway, when she would call from Nelly’s I’d answer — “Hello?” — then turn to Klick Klick Kitty Cat who was usually on the couch chewing on something recently deceased.

“Hey, Klick Klack!  Guess who?”

Of course Klick Klack said nothing, that was the genius of her performance, but I’d give her the time she needed then answer:

“Noooo, Klick Klack!  It’s Nona!’

It worked every time.  Nona had a very distinctive way of pronouncing my name and it sounded especially sinister when she was impatient, but usually there was a  touch of laughter in her voice.  I guess I kind of miss Lovely Nona, too.

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