Look at the Hour!

1625508_10152362743810522_1477558274_nVery much a metaphor for life…I had no idea it is so late.  But it is that beautiful time on the clock, one made so much more obvious when time keeping goes digital:  12:34.  Let us make the most of it.  (My grandparents had a fondness for 11:11.  Presume that’s relevant.)

But there is so much to do.  So much to do.  Say it again:  So much to do.  And I am in a panic because the hour is late, as I should be, but why did I want until now to see the late hour?   Does one choose to sleep, perchance to Dream?  No, we shall soldier on, and only sleep — Aye, dream! — with tomorrow in mind.

So tomorrow, my friends, look for me tomorrow.  Little Tour climbs to new heights tomorrow, guided by the painterly wisdom of Bob Ross and energized by the jaw-dropping simple-mindedness of some of my friends.  (See blurb at right.  Now there, indeed, is the rub!)

By the way, I have no idea where Bob Ross came from, but until tomorrow, just remember what Bob says:  “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

There.  Fixed.  Now Bob Ross fits.

Good night all.  Sleep well.


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