How do you note corrections in a blog?

If you want to be legit, how do you note corrections in a post.  According to my tutorials, making changes to an entry once it is posted is bad form.  I guess I can understand why, especially if you have important things to say and people read you, a goal to which I might some day aspire.

But I noticed this morning a “harmless” insignificant error in a post.  I wrote “shame” when I intended “sham”.  So I corrected it.  Then I saw an incorrect date:  2018 not 2016.  I quickly checked the minimum wage source I was writing about and 2016 was correct.  So I just corrected it.  I believe I was told that you use strike-through text to show what has been changed.  So I did that to the date, but I didn’t do that to “Shame”.

I don’t really proof these posts, perhaps I should.

Now, after you scroll through this blog searching for the corrected post, you might find something engaging and thoughtful to read.  When you do, tell me and all your friends and family about it.  Post it to Facebook, Twitter, and maybe your own blog, too.


6 thoughts on “How do you note corrections in a blog?

  1. angrymanspeaks

    The short answer is Yes, proof-read.
    The long one?
    I would say that proof reading is absolutely necessary if you are trying to produce “quality writing” and are willing to accept the critique of those who give a shit about such things.
    Of course writing for blogs such as Huffington Post or The Washington Post or any of the “Main Stream” Professional Media related sites will require proof-reading; no profanity; good spelling, grammar etc.

    If; on the other hand; your main concern is sharing thoughts, ideas, and information with those who are looking on-line for raw news and opinion; then profanity is Ok and probably even appreciated by those who also use it as a valid form of expressing emotion.
    Grammar is not so critical if what you do is write as you speak; from the heart; rather than as a professional journalist. I mean; “I ain’t got no candy” is still beyond the realm of acceptability in general but if that is the best you can do; tell the critics to “get stuffed” and say what you have to say as best you can. A degree is not required to write a blog or to have an opinion. Not even a diploma.

    Proof-reading is the only way to be sure you have clearly communicated and have expressed yourself as you wish.
    So proof-read? Yes
    But for you; not anyone else. I proof-read because of these reasons and because although I am not likely to be asked to write for a professional journal such as those I mentioned, I do want my work to be as clear and entertaining as possible and I know that I never type without errors of one type or another. So for my own peace of mind; I proof-read.

    1. Tour Guide Post author

      Yes, Angry Man…you are correct. I started this blog almost 4 years ago primarily to learn how to blog. I’m not even sure I selected the template. I took what was the default. Just about everything I know I learned in the first hour so that idea didn’t go very far.

      But the blog has…people started reading it and I was too lazy to get serious. Now I don’t want to lose readers! So it is time to be a bit more attentive on a Little Tour, I suppose. (I’ve made this promise before.) I should dress things up a little, too. I’m just not sure if I want to add panache or pizzazz.

      1. angrymanspeaks

        “I started this blog almost 4 years ago primarily to learn how to blog.”

        Seems to me that there really is no right or wrong way to blog. I think of it more as a journey with no end in sight. I learn as I go; molding my articles and my site as I see the advantages in change.

        I also find myself becoming complacent when it comes to changing the appearance of my blog and I tend to fall into patterns of writing even though I tell myself I should change this or try to achieve that.

        One thing I do know and I find considerable solace in it is that Blogging is a human activity. A non-specific word for a framework within which a plethora of human endeavors can be showcased for consumption by a non-specific audience.
        Blogging therefore, seems to me to be the ultimate in free-form artistic possibility. Though it does lack that tactile element that one gets from a hands on experience; what it lacks in experiential quality it more than makes up for in variety and reach.

        So,”Blog on Brother”. Do whatever feels good and present anything that makes your point in whatever way you want.

        As a matter of fact, an argument could be made that in a nation which claims to value its “Freedom of Speech” and fear its loss; blogging is more than a right but more like a moral imperative. Of course in a nation where we value freedom of choice; it is also very optional.

        Then they wonder why people are so confused. Or are we free? Damn; there he goes again.

  2. angrymanspeaks

    As far as corrections go; I never mention a correction if the meaning isn’t altered or a quantitative or qualitative difference is not engendered.
    Shame/sham; 16 or 17 people died in the attack. Who cares.
    Attributing responsibility for that attack to an incorrect perpetrator; claiming a high official died when he didn’t; telling people not to eat the tainted tomatoes when you meant potatoes? These are things worthy of a well publicized correction or a note that one was made.
    Of course; I’m just a simple country philosopher so what do I know?


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