Flawed Big Money Politics Argument

Boat reflection

In recent days I have heard people quip that we really shouldn’t worry about all the big money in politics because it doesn’t really matter anyway.  If it did, they say, Mitt Romney would be president.

This is a flawed argument.

Let’s say you were given a leaky boat and told to cross a lake, but you only have a small cup to use to bail out the boat as you cross.  The boat gets overwhelmed and sinks.  You don’t cross the lake.  Does that mean bailing doesn’t work or does it mean you could have used something bigger to bail out the water?  I’d argue the latter.

The argument that big money doesn’t work flawed by example, too.  Even before Citizens United, big money has made a difference in politics.  If spending didn’t make a difference, why would so much money be spent on politics?

We live in an era when corporations are people and money is speech.  We’re losing government for the people.

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