Bushel Boy versus Perfect Circle

Grape tomatoes.

This is a post about greenhouse-grown tomatoes.  Don’t give up hope.

Almost three years ago City Pages posted a story comparing Minnesota’s Bushel Boy tomatoes with Iowa’s Perfect Circle.  That post needs an updated answer.

I buy Bushel Boy tomatoes by the bag full, right behind my Indian River grapefruit juice this is my biggest ticket item on my grocery bill so I like to think I am getting something for my money.

Last week I saw Perfect Circle’s organic tomatoes were on sale for less than my Bushel Boys so I gave them a try.  Glad I did.

Sorry, Bushel Boy, but Perfect Circle has you beat.  The City Pages blogger commented on the mealiness of the Perfect Circle tomato.  I didn’t notice that at all.  In fact, you can invert the comparisons made three years ago.  Bushel Boy is bland and mealy in comparison to the tart great tomato flavor of Perfect Circle.  Clever line alert:  Perhaps Perfect Circle perfected its product since 2011.

Keep in mind that it is March and I do think the quality and flavor of these things varies throughout the year, but right now I’m buying Perfect Circle.

Now see…this post wasn’t that bad.

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