You know, you just don’t want to hear people whine and dither.  At least I don’t.  So this pains me more than you to write again about starting a new blog, one created with purpose, focus, and an editor.  Because here on A Little Tour in Yellow you never know if you’re going to get something inane or something really inane.  Occasionally there are blips of genius (scroll down and let me know when you find it), but “occasionally” isn’t good enough.



I could write about the client who emailed me today to let me know that I was a “low level representative” and that he wanted extra discounts to compensate for the “stress and pain” I caused him and his family, and all of that on top of the thousands of dollars I cost him…every week!  But I don’t have much interest in that other than a good laugh.

I could write about my headache — which is likely at least indirectly the result of that aforementioned client — but the only things worse than a headache is hearing about one.  (“Oh, my headache.  Someone get me a tablet.”)

Or I could write about politics, economics, and the deteriorating state of affairs undermining us all, which I enjoy doing almost as much as I enjoy a good nap.  And I LOVE a good nap.

In the end, what we have here is a branding issue.  We have an identity crisis.  We don’t really know what we are doing.  You can’t say I am not trying.  I have been trying to find a responsible adult in my life for several years now.  All I seem to find are unstable wrecks who just need a place to stay for a few weeks.  It is tragic.  Worse than dithering.  Like an incomplete sentence.  Can’t find a subject.

And so it seems life is like a random lonely sentence started with a conjunction and ended with an ellipse…

Don’t you know what I mean?

Maybe I am nothing more than a clause…That’s probably it…seeking another clause, a conjoiner.  But then what if it is all over?  All over!  Done and done.  I guess that’s when you tend to your garden, reflect (but not too much)

, and sip ice tea.

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