Actually…I Do Read A Lot.

Reading (process)

For quite a while — I would says years, in fact — I have been beating myself up because I haven’t been reading as much as I once did.  I blamed it mostly on the computer where I can lose and hour or two in one sitting if I am not careful.  But then it dawned on me, what might be obvious to all of you, that those hours on the computer, guess what I’m doing…I am reading.

Even when I am watching movies, I tend to sneak in some reading.  Now THAT is something to lament, a bad habit that should be stopped.  But I do.  And here I sit today with two books, two newspapers, and my computer.  I look over at the clock and see it is a quarter past 3:00 and cringe.  Oh!  Where did the day go?

However, I have read about 100 pages in the books, several sections of the newspapers, and certainly a dozen or two stories online, not to mention an assortment of email, tweets, and texts.  I do indeed read a lot.

Perhaps part of my anxiety is the desire to read so much more.  Also, I must admit, I really am anxious about not writing.  I do not write like I did.  That has to change, too.

So here’s a resolution:  Keep reading, read more, and write more.  And read and write less while watching movies.

(For people tracking my resolutions, I am in fact making respectable progress with my “To Do” list promises.  I really am.  I am a little sick in the gut about losing my book bag, however, because it had my “To Do” list notebook in it, one of four precious notebooks lost.  That is a real stinger.  And as far as my Lenten teetotaling pledge…that remains a work in progress, not ready to call it a complete failure yet.)

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