Bees and Picnics

Winter holds on and we long so much more for spring and summer, but do we really?  Clean-swept patios and outdoor rooms hardly embrace friendly weather, instead the weather embraces an indoors turned out.

Bee on a Sinflower

I’m not sure that’s what I want right now…

I’ve been thinking a lot about bees, picnics, and wind in the grass, I think it started with something I read recently, but I lost it…an image of bees clinging to the rim of a jam jar as a gentle breeze stirs a plucked daisy stuck in to a glass of water.

I can’t get the sense of outdoor luxury without the bees, the bees, the wind and the daisy.   I want to toss a bright blanket onto a field of long grass blowing in the wind, stretch out beneath the sky, and open a picnic to the bees.  

That’s luxury.

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