What Pat Garofalo Really Meant…

It appears that Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo got careless and made what many might consider a racist comment about NBA players who would otherwise have a propensity for street crime if not playing professional basketball.  But he could have meant something else.  And apparently he did!

What he was criticizing was marijuana leniency!  Of course.  And I guess he went further to explain that the NBA was lenient, I don’t know, but this afternoon he came back — after few attempts at apology — to say that the “NBA policy on drug enforcement is better than previously believed.”Garofalo Twitter Post

I don’t have to point out that this guy is a Republican, right?

So what Rep Garofalo is really saying is if 70% of the NBA teams folded we would notice until their strong drug policies folded with them and then we would see a rise in street crime.  Isn’t that the way Garofalo’s defense skews it?  He isn’t saying there wouldn’t be a rise in street crime — a stupid statement anyway you look at it — he is saying now that he meant to be criticizing the leagues drug enforcement.  In other words, we can all rest easy because the NBA will keep the players in line — and off the streets — whether you notice or not.

Thank god law enforcement has a partner in professional basketball!



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One thought on “What Pat Garofalo Really Meant…

  1. Gary Farland

    I’ve always thought that schools and professional teams have no business adding to whatever the judicial system decides is punishment for a crime. Just as the police have no business adding to the punishment by confiscating the property of people suspected of crimes, even when they are not charged.


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